Welcome to General Dentistry

The office of David L. Weinstein, D.D.S., has been recognized as a preeminent source for dental care in Albany for over 50 years.  Favored by many seeing dentists who offer conscious sedation dentistry, this patient centric dental
practice is part of a Weinstein family tradition, started in 1956 by Dr. David Weinstein’s father.  

Our Albany dental practice is proud of our tradition of excellence, and continues to treat patients of all ages
including pediatric and geriatric patients.

Many in the Albany area seeking a dentist turn to Dr. Weinstein because of the unique services he offers his
patients, including conscious sedation dentistry and treatment options for those with certain forms of sleep

The Softer Side Dentistry in Albany N.Y.

Dr. Weinstein’s office is a placid environment with many unique elements designed to calm even the most anxious patients.

Initial consults with the dentist are unlike other dentist appointments, as Dr. Weinstein take the time to conduct a “face to face” consultation with patients sitting comfortably in his office, not in a dental chair, where anxiety levels tend to be at their highest.

Nervous patients especially value this opportunity to discuss their individual needs and concerns.